We also improved the bathroom

(Second in a series of three)

Please see a previous post about My Almost IKEA Kitchen to understand the reasons for all the work that has gone on here in September.


pizza 2013, fred and ale 021


The bathroom had a tub with a shower attachment.  The tub was supposed to be for my benefit.  But it never really provided a relaxing, satisfying bath.  The reason was that hot water came out of the faucet so slowly that it took a full 15 minutes to fill the tube.  By that time half of the water which had once been hot was no longer really hot.  The tube was sitting up on bricks so it was a huge step up and over to get into the tube.  It was hard for me and you know it was hard for Ben.  We actually had a step stool that we used to get in to the tub.  Once in the tub, there was very little flat space to stand since the sides of the tub curved.  My small feet would fit but Ben’s would not.  So  when taking a shower he was always standing on a curved surface.  It was just not a good situation.


This summer when it became apparent that we would be staying in this apartment, in addition to making some changes in the kitchen, the owners of the property agreed to change out the tub.




labor day 2013 010


Here’s Valerio on Labor Day, checking out the progress.  His phone is more or less always attached to his ear. 


labor day 2013 012


Valerio is already out the door, Costantino gets to help.



labor day 2013 013


Demo done!  Let the rebuilding begin.



sept 2013 001



sept 2013 002


The finished look.  There is a nice seat for anyone to use while showering. 


It is much safer for both of us.  Glad we got that fixed too.   Now wait for part 3, the garden!



  1. Mike

    With all that remodeling…sounds like long term there for you two!

  2. Hi Michael, yes at least until we can get on the ground floor.

  3. philippinewanderer

    Good job, hope things are coming together nicely for you two.

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