2013 calendar 3rd try

Phone number in US  571 214 3274      Look for new posts below, please


aybe this will work for everyone.  It seems that depending on what type of device (desktop, laptop, mobile)  some folks could see the whole calendar and some could not.  Sorry for the repeat if you have already seen it.  I will eventually put our US cell numbers on here when we get them.


20 Sun:Thane and Melissa arrive to take care of Nerone
21 Mon:
22 Tue: Depart Florence at 10:05 AM   Arrive Washington DC at 6:45 PM
Jane picks us up for dinner at Sweet Ginger. Staying at Air BandB rental in Falls Church
23 Wed: Vienna Halloween Parade
24 Thu: Dentist Appt 10:00    Eye DR Appt 1:30
26  Sat: Martha lunches with Roberta in Laurel MD Ben????

27 Sun: Dim Sum at Fortune in Falls Church, coming so far, my cousin Joan and family,
28  Mon: DR Appt 10:00,  Appt. with our money man 12:30
29 Tue:
30 Wed:
31 Thu: Halloween with Jane!!!!!!   Fire pit, beer, folks in costumes,  what could be better


1 Fri: Ben’s High School reunion VA Beach, VA, evening event
2 Sat: Ben’s high school reunion, VA Beach, VA evening event

3 Sun: Ben’s high school reunion Va Beach VA, no events planned.  Lunch with Thom Parrott????
4 Mon: Lv Va Beach for Lake Gaston
5 Tue: Maria and Spring arrive to visit
6 Wed:
7 Thu: Maria and Spring leave  Ben and Martha leave Lake Gaston for Oxford, NC??????
8 Fri:
9 Sat: LV Oxford for Frankfort, KY

10 Sun: Visit Grandmother’s grave in Frankfort then Leave Frankfort for Indianapolis, IN. Staying with cousin Bob and Cherie
11 Mon: Veteran’s Day with my Uncle John in IN
12 Tue:LV IN Don’t know what we are doing these 2 days
13 Wed:
14 Thu:LV ???? for Louisville KY Staying at Air BandB rental in St. Matthews
15 Fri:
16 Sat:

17 Sun:
18 Mon:LV Louisville for Asheville, NC. Staying with Barry and Marcia Master
19 Tue LV Asheville for Oxford, NC Staying with Jim and BK
20 Wed:
21 Thu:
22 Fri
23 Sat:

24 Sun:
25 Mon
26 Tue:
27 Wed:
28 Thu:Thanksgiving
29 Fri:
30 Sat:


1 Sun:
2 Mon: LV for Ocean City NJ Staying with cousin Bonnie and Pete   Cape may Lewes ferry????
3 Tue:
4 Wed:
5 Thu:
6 Fri:
7 Sat
:Aunt Mary’s 100th b-day celebration

8 Sun:
9 Mon:LV Ocean City NJ staying ??????
10 Tue:Fly out of Washington DC at 6:55 PM
11 Wed:Arrive in Florence at 12:00 PM
12 Thu:Thane and Melissa leave for Florence
13 Fri:Thane and Melissa fly home
14 Sat:  Try to pay all the bills that are rolling in….


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