Creative Things

One of the things that my friend BK and I were going to do while we were visiting was work on teaching me to quilt.  I want to make quilt like coverings for our windows here in Italy.  The windows are large.  While they are double pane glass, the frames are old so a lot of cold air comes in.  Heavy quilt like coverings would block some of that.  I know drapes would do that too, but I don’t like drapes.  My plan is for hangings to go up in the winter, be lower during the evening and raised during the day.  Taken down when warm weather returns. 


Of course BK and I did not get around to me actually trying to piece anything but I did get some good inspiration from her work and from her books. 




fall 2013 trip small disk 034


See how she used a common fabric to tie these blocks together.



fall 2013 trip small disk 035


Here is BK laying out one quilt that she is still working on.


fall 2013 trip small disk 036


It is all squares of cat fabric.  (ohhh, I could make one just like this for Nerone and he could sit and bark at it)


fall 2013 trip small disk 037


The interesting thing is that the pieces are not perfectly straight.  After joining the pieces, the block was cut and ‘squared up’ after it was put together.  Once I understood this idea, I realized that it will be okay for me to start thinking about making something, since I am totally incapable of cutting 2 pieces of fabric the same size or matching it up when I sew.  This is perfect, make the blocks a little bigger than desired and  fix the size after it is done.  It is okay that the block is not perfect from the start. 


pics from tablet 270


And these beautiful woven squares are by my friend Marcia Master.  She weaves (she made some of these but not all of them).  Her house is full of many other gorgeous pieces that she has made.  She also showed me ‘needle felting’.  I was able to buy a few supplies and hope to try a few projects soon.  (oh, don’t worry of course I’ll write about it here.)  I really enjoyed visiting with Barry and Marcia.  Their house was very comfortable, peaceful and inspirational. 


I have other creative friends too.  These are just the photos I happened to take. 


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