Trip Costs

One of the other blogs that I regularly read is my friend, Barb’s blog, Art and Barb Live(d) in Italy,  the link if you are interested.  Back in October, 2013 she wrote a post about their trip this past summer to Europe.  (Right now, it is the second post down.)  After reading that I thought it would be interesting to compare the cost for our trip to theirs.  And since America is a very credit card nation it was fairly easy for me to do. 

First our costs and an explanation of them.  All figures are in US Dollars


Airfare  820.10 per person  or 1,640.20 total

Extra Luggage Fees   160 for 2 bags one way

Fancy Plane Meals    39.73  (Totally worth it!)

Train/Ferry/Shuttle  204.53

Tips to Porters  and the folks who patiently wheeled Ben around the airports 125.00

Car Rental    2,289.98 or 41.63 per day

Gas  535.93  or about .15 a mile.  I was very surprised about this figure!

Hotels/Air BandB   We had 20 room nights that we paid for  1,193.91  or 59.69 per night

Roll Away Bed Rental  155.88  At one house where we stayed, all the bedrooms were upstairs and the staircase was not an easy one for Ben to climb, so we rented a roll away bed for the ground floor and our hosts were gracious enough to let us destroy their décor by setting it up every night.

Restaurants  1,371.31.  I figured that this paid for about 94 meals or an average of 14.58 per meal. 

Groceries   1,100.96.  This is a very broad category.  We were lucky enough to stay with a number of friends and family.  I did not want to go in empty handed so many times we bought groceries as part of the meal that we shared together or Ben and I ate while they did something else.  It also includes beer, wine, and packaged food that we bought back to Italy with us.

Phone   98.82

Post Office  41.52  Cards and packages to folks that we didn’t get to see.

Books   135.68

Drugs/Doctor Visits/Contact Lenses   852.57

Clothing and Shoes   778.79

Art   160.13

Other Stuff   1,381.36   This includes a lot of computer bits, Ben’s new laptop and everything else we bought 

12,266.30     The grand total for our trip


Now let’s do a side by side comparison of costs (where we can) between the two trips… 


                                           From Europe to the US                                                                From the US to Europe

Airfare                             1,640.                                                                                                     3,092

         The time of year when we were traveling gave us the advantage here

Rental Car                     41/day                                                                                                  34/day

We had to have a mid-size car to accommodate all our luggage, Ben and the possible driving (snow) conditions that we could have faced.  That probably accounts for the difference. It sounds like Art and Barb had something a little smaller

Gas                                  .15/mile                                                                                               .22/mile

Remember this figure when you whine to me about the high cost of fuel in the US.

Hotels                            59/night                                                                                               81/night

And that is where our side by side comparison must end because Barb lumped food in with other things. 

This is her summary paragraph.

BARB:   In the end, the TOTAL cost for our 29 day vacation, (including five FREE nights with relatives and TWO additional nights at the airlines’ expense) was $8151.  You could also use this as a rough estimate for a trip of 3 weeks, which would exclude our free nights – airfare and car costs would remain the same, as would food and other costs for the most part.  For our trip the cost per day for two people averaged out to $281 for everything.  If you figured this as a three week trip the average cost would be $388 – proving that having friends or relatives living in cool places can really save you money!

And this is my summary

If I take from our total trip cost,  the expenses for DRUGS, CLOTHING and ART our total trip costs would be 10,476 and for our 55 day vacation it would be about $190 a day for 2 people.   Which proves that it is good to have friends and family living in places you want to visit. 

Thank you, everyone, who open your home to us.  We could not have done it without you!  

fall 2013 trip big disk 067


And this is finally the end of the Fall Trip.  Now wasn’t that fun to look at our vacation pictures?






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  1. J

    And so you understand why 4 of us have not yet been able to make the trip though we very much want to …when medical and education expenses subside we’ll be there so you have to keep the doors open a bit longer 🙂

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