I’ve been thinking about



That wonderful soup found mostly in Tuscany.  Here is a recent bowlful of it.  With good olive oil floating on top.


late  dec, 2013 005



late  dec, 2013 001


Do I make it from scratch?  Noooooo.   The Esselunga has it in the refrigerated section, but I only buy it when it is on sale.  You can see from the picture, the ingredients, white beans, onions, celery, bietoline is hard to explain but the closest thing to it in the US is bok choy, leeks, potatoes, curly dark kale, savoy cabbage, and carrots.   It is very tasty on a cold winter’s day.




late  dec, 2013 004


The already made version comes with kale in it.  The dark, curly kale is what makes the soup.  Of all the ingredients that is the most important one to avoid substituting for.    Here it is in the pan being heated up before I added some more fresh kale to it.   That is why the picture at the top looks so much better.  I am sure there are oodles of recipes for it on the internet.  Just remember to get the kale!


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