Where’s my friend Max?

Guest Post:  By Nerone, the Dog



foggy jan 2014 016


This is me and my friend Max.  Max lives downstairs.  His people are not home a lot so he goes on walks with us. 


foggy jan 2014 019


Sometimes She Who Must Be Obeyed makes him put on a leash and sometimes he just walks along with us.  Max listens to She and usually comes when She calls him.  So it is okay for him to be without a leash.  Not for me though.  I like to be connected to She. 


Max and I sit outside in the yard together and watch the laundry dry.  And guard the property.  And bark at cats.  But sometimes Max lets that cat who lives with him eat out of his bowl and sleep in his bed!  Shew eeee!  I won’t want to let that happen to me. 


Anyway, I heard that woman who lives with Max and She talking.  That woman was asking She if She wanted Max to come live with us.  Seems that Max’s people are moving to Sicily.  (They were talking in English thinking that me and Max won’t understand, but we did.)   I mean I like Max and all, but live with us?   I don’t think so.  Really!   I spent a long, long, long time waiting for my forever home and to be a 1 dog family.  I’m not sharing. Even if it is Max!  


john, richard, renata moving day 013


Well the day came,  Max went off the night before and got his hair cut and a BATH!  (That was another thing strange about him, always getting haircuts and baths.  I just like a good brushing and a roll in the wet grass.  Spiffs you up everytime)  That woman tied him up near my tree and put a coat on him while they were packing things up.  Man, he could hardly  walk much less shake a leg if he needed to.  But he got in the car (the cat was already in there in a box.  The way cats should always be if you ask me)  and off they went.


foggy jan 2014 021


foggy jan 2014 023


So I guess I won’t be taking anymore walks with Max.  And now I have to guard the whole property by myself.  That’s a big job but I can do it. 


And now that the chicken killer Max is gone, look who is back


foogy field chicks needle felting 018


Remember those cute little chicks that you saw pictures of in August….  Well, they sure grew up!   Man!  They are HUGE now.  And noisy.  One of them or maybe both do this crowin’ thing.  Really LOUD!    I’m gonna have to get the chick bar open again.  They look like big spenders.


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