I need an engineer…

In the first house that we rented here, we slept on a queen size bed that was raised off the floor by 4  boxes made out of fiber board.  They are roughly 14” square on each side and open at both ends.  The boxes are made from fiber board  about 3/4” thick.  We were fortunate enough to be gifted those boxes.  But when we moved we also acquired 2 twin beds which are pushed together.  We have put the 4 boxes under Ben’s half of the bed.    Before, the 4 boxes   supported the two of us, a queen size mattress and box spring and occasionally a 50 lb dog.  Probably 700 to 800 lbs.  Now, the 4 boxes support Ben, a twin size mattress and spring and very rarely the dog.  (What? Bother Ben when I can hog up your side of the bed is the dog’s philosophy)  Probably less than 400 lbs.


bed pics 006


Here are the first set of boxes under the bed frame.  The inside bed frame is separate and smaller than the outside frame which is more or less purely decorative.  The boxes raise the frame about 4” off the floor which makes it easier for Ben to get in and out of bed.  And also makes his side of the bed 4’ higher than me. 


So we are consider buying new mattresses.  Also getting another set of boxes to lift up my side of the bed so that they are the same height.  I have found ready made boxes.  These boxes are roughly 14” square, made out of a laminated board (I think)  that is 1/2” thick.  They are open only at one end, with a thin fiber board bottom.  4 sides are laminate, 1 side is fiber board and 1 side is open. 


bed boxes 003


bed boxes 004



bed boxes 005


The fiber board side.  These boxes are 26 Euros each.  I wanted to try one out before I bought 4 of them.  (When you use a credit card to purchase anything at the building supply place and then return it,  you get a store credit.  It is one thing to get and use up a  credit for 26 Euros but something else for over 100 Euros.) 


bed boxes 006


So here is the new box being tried out for height and it is just perfect.     I would buy 4 and they would go in that way.    With the fiber board side facing in. 


Now my question is


Will these boxes made out of a different material be strong enough to support my twin bed, the mattress, box spring, me and the occasional visit from a 50 lb dog, between 300 and 400 lbs? 



Or do I need to have an additional support cut to be inserted in the middle of the box to provide more support?



Any help will be appreciated. 



  1. sherrie and Franco

    Hello Martha, this is Frank. I believe the new boxes will work for your application. The laminated wood should be stronger than the fiber board. With each box carrying approximately 100 lbs when all the occupants are in the bed there should be no problem. Hope all is going well and please tell Ben I say hello.

  2. Thanks Frank. Better than the other suggestion that I had to make a platform bed with storage underneath. If I had that much money I would just buy a new bed.

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