I’ve been thinking about….


Maybe because of all the foggy days we are having. 

foggy jan 2014 031


You know Sheldon always offers hot beverage. 


Maybe because of all the British TV that I watch.


BBC World News

Tea: A Revolution Brewing

    Image for Tea: A Revolution Brewing


    Tea is seen as a quintessentially British drink but do the British taken tea for granted? They put milk, sugar and even biscuits in it – perhaps not appreciating its finer qualities. Persian tea expert Behzad Bolour thinks this is beginning to change. Inspired by visits to a tea connoisseur in France and tea houses in the Czech Republic, he sets out to find out what’s happening to tea drinking in the UK. He meets British tea growers, tea merchants, even a tea blogger and sees that tea is being reinvented in new and exciting ways for a young and discerning audience. As he enjoys a newly fashionable afternoon tea, tries colourful bubble tea and tweets his order for a properly brewed cup of leaf tea, he realises this could be the beginning of a new age for British tea. SHOW LESS




    Maybe because of my friend BK who is a member of the Old North State Tea Society


    pics from tablet 278


    At least I think that is the name.  When we visited she had recently returned from a giant tea gathering in Atlanta.  And was researching on the internet a hot water tea kettle that could bring water to certain temps.  Because not all tea should be made with boiling water. 


    Maybe because the Esselunga has rearranged their tea aisle and added many more varieties.


    foggy jan 2014 026


    No this isn’t the Esselunga aisle.  Just a part of it.  I bought the black boxes on each end before we left for the states, so I could take a few bags to BK.   One is rose flavored, the other is orange vanilla.  They are okay.


    foggy jan 2014 028


    The black box on the left is what I drink every morning.  Indian Chai.  I have a very ritualistic way of making it in a glass and adding milk and sugar and if anything varies it is just not as good.  Needless to say I did not have a decent cup of tea the entire time I was in the States.  I did, however, have more than my fair share of sweet ice tea.  Also very good. 


    And Maybe to stir up a little trouble with someone from the British Isles. 


    foggy jan 2014 029


    I will admit I sometimes buy tea simply because of the packaging.  And to taunt my  Irish friend, Richard.  You should have seen his face when I started talking about this tea.  He considers any tea that is flavored to be a total abomination.    I just love to offer him something like this.  It is the small things that make life fun. 


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