First Project of the Year

When we were in the US, a friend, Marcia, showed me how to needle felt.  I was able to buy a few supplies before we left the states and have been wanting to try to make something.  Briefly, the process is using a barbed needle and jabbing it into strands of wool, (not yarn but wool) until the strands  lock together and it becomes a solid mass. 


Most of the projects that you see online are 3 dimensional sculptural types of things.  I am not really the cutesy little animals sitting around everywhere type.   So it had taken me a while to decide on a first project.  Finally, I realized that the new felt key ring I bought from Crate and Barrel for myself was the exactly the plain object that needed dressing up.


foogy field chicks needle felting 002


It is made of plain grey felt.


foogy field chicks needle felting 003


The start of the work.


foogy field chicks needle felting 004


And the finished project.  ( are you surprised about the name)  It is not as polished as I would like but for a first project I am happy with it.   Since I was adding the wool to the felt it was easy to do.  With practice, the judgment of how much wool to use to control the size of the letters will come.  And with enough wool I could have made the bone shape to begin with, since that is one of the ways that felt is made.   Hence the name needle felting.


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