Happy Asian New Year

On Friday, but never too soon to start celebrating.  We will be having an appropriate Asian meal and of course


downstairs hall 007


BEER!  While this San Miguel is made in Spain, I first had it in Hong Kong.  On the island of Lantau.  Years ago while the territory was still British, we were visiting with our friends Jim and BK and staying at the Mui Wo Inn on Silvermine Bay.  There was a vending machine and for 8 HKD (I think less than $1 at the time) the lovely machine dispensed a cold can of San Miguel.  A quick walk across a 2 lane road and I was at a beautiful crescent shaped beach with palm trees.  It was one of the most pleasant beers that I have ever enjoyed.  Lantau is probably very different now.  At the time the island was accessible by ferry only and the new airport was being built.  Now the airport is finished and a rail line connecting it to the mainline is finished too.  I don’t know for sure but I would guess that it all has changed since it is much easier to access now.    But anytime I have a San Miguel, for a brief second I recall those lovely, few, warm, quiet moments I spent on that beach with a cold can of San Miguel. 


And the glasses were a real find last year in Nice.  Another favorite brand of Asian beer, Tsingtao. 


So here’s to the start of a new year and  memories of warm, sunny beaches we have all enjoyed.  January is over!  Only February and March remain.  It gets lighter every day and one day the rain will stop.  I know that.  Just keep saying it.  The rain will stop.  The rain will stop.  The rain will stop. 


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