Week one move update

Well, we are almost to the end of our first week of trying to move downstairs.  A lot has happened, I guess…


Remember in the last post, how pleased I was with myself about getting the electricity turned on.  How Costo had given me the number from the meter that I needed.  I was at the ENEL (the electric folks) office on Wednesday, the 5th.  They told me within 5 days.  Fine.  I came home and reported that to Costantino.    They also told me that after it was turned on to flip the breakers and then the power would work.  Fine.  At the entrance to our building is a breaker box that is divided in three parts, one breaker for upstairs, one for down and one for the pump for the whole house.  (The pump can be plugged in so it is sucking electricity from up stairs or downstairs.  When we moved in, the  former upstairs folks  told me that Renata took care of switching it from one side to the other.   Toward late last summer when I had never seen it moved from our side to Renata’s side, I wrote out a little schedule, months 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 downstairs;  months 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 upstairs.  And started moving the plug.  Maybe that is why she finally decided to move…)   So I was going downstairs at the end of each day, flipping breakers,  plugging in a light and checking to see if the power was turned on.  No. nothing.  On Thursday, the 6th I received a message from ENEL.  I could not really understand all of it and thought I would ask someone for help with it.  And I saw lots of folks on Sunday who could have read and understood it but I forgot to ask.  On Monday I talked to Costo about the fact that the electricity was not on yet.  ‘Was there another breaker that I needed to flip?’  ‘No, no, no!  If you have electricity for the top half of the house then there is electricity for the whole house.’  I gave him the message to read on my phone.  We counted days.  We decided to wait another day.  After he leaves I  am thinking  I need to get to where the meter is.  Tuesday comes.  Again I ask Costo, ‘is there another breaker that we need to turn?’    ‘No, no, no,’  Okay we will wait until Wednesday, more than 5 full working days.  Wednesday comes and Richard is here to help Costo move some of the bigger pieces of furniture.  I produce my phone and Richard reads the message.  ‘Hmmm, it says it is on.’   Yeah, that is kinda what I thought it said too but Costo says no.  ‘Please ask him if there is another meter or box that we should be flipping a switch at’  But we get distracted moving furniture.  Costo escapes.    Richard and I continue moving boxes.  We finish.  John arrives.  Richard suggests that John call about the electricity.  John calls and reports that it has been turned on since Wednesday, the 5th.  We all 3 stand there and do the flipping the breakers and trying the light with no results.   John calls the fix-it number at the electricity company.   The techno asks him and in turn he asks me ‘have you flipped the switch at the meter?’   And in an exceedingly frustrated tone, because I have already explained on Sunday and again today that Costo WILL NOT SHOW ME WHERE THE FRIGGIN’ METER IS!!!!!!!!, that no I have not flipped the breaker there.  Well, the 3 of us roust Costo from the shower and he finally takes us to where the meter is and ‘Oh’, he says. ‘I need to flip the switch’ 





A long pause.  I still just can’t believe it.  Well, because we did not yet have electricity I did not try to schedule the plumber/electrician who will install the  ceiling fixtures and move the appliances.  Before John leaves me, I ask him to call.  Well, it will be next week before he can come.  So much for completing the move by the 14th.


But by myself last week and this week on Monday and Tuesday I built the clothes racks, emptied the drawers of the chest of drawers, carried the contents down and then carried the drawers down and refilled them.  On Wednesday, Costo and Richard carried down the body of the chests of drawers.  (The other strange thing about Italian houses/apartments, there are no closets.  None.  There are giant armoires.  But they are giant and they usually don’t accommodate clothes hangers.  There were 2 upstairs but I couldn’t ask anyone to move those down and they were really not that useful.)   


downstairs early moving 021


This is one wall of Ben and Nerone’s  room.   Ben’s suits got a rail all their own.  They will no longer be mingling with the clothes he wears everyday.  I.E. that means I no longer have to fight with the suits to get something else in or out.   What a concept?  


downstairs early moving 023


The entrance into my office.  One chest of drawers will go here and


downstairs early moving 024


and one goes over here.  Along with a clothes rail for my ‘dress-up’ clothes. 


downstairs early moving 025


On the other wall is the really nice desk that Richard is letting me use.  Costo helped me drag it in on Monday.  And I got one guest bed down here too. 


downstairs early moving 026


Our bedroom with clothes rails along two walls.  It looks very garment district doesn’t it?  Richard and I are hatching a plan to put shelves above the rails and cover them with full length drapes of some sort. 


Now it looks like the plumber/electrician will be coming on Wednesday AM along with the internet guy.  So I will do as much as I can before then and then hope that I can get at least one strong person to come and help Costo with the remaining pieces that I can’t manage.  We’ll see I guess…


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