Is that half of the kitchen in the bedroom?


downstairs mid move 013




Funny you should ask, but yes it is.  I think… can’t really remember any more, that the last time I wrote about moving I was sure that after Wednesday, 2/19,  everything would be fine.    Must have had those rose colored wine glasses on again!  


By Wednesday, a good bit of our belongings and furniture are already  downstairs.  Two things are keeping us from moving down, no light fixtures and no appliances.    On Tuesday, I moved everything but appliances from the kitchen down.  So half the kitchen is upstairs, half down.  All our clothes are down but the bed and TV are up.  I can’t make Ben run up and down so we are ‘camping upstairs’.  Hoping that by the end of this day all of our things will be down. 


Well, prior to Wednesday I asked for all the players’ time: Internet installer guy, he has been here 3 times including our first installation  (He just loves us.  Needs a ladder at a 50 degree angle to climb in the attic for access to the roof);   Valerio, little plumber boy, (yes, the song Little Drummer Boy should come to mind);  Costo,  Marie-Claude had assured me in January, ‘When you are ready, Costo will help you’ (maybe she understood that; 1) it is the dead of winter and most of our friends, who might possibly help, are out of the country. 2) Ben is unable to help move anything. 3) I am only 7 years younger than she is and the mere thought of having to physically pick up 90% of your belongings and moving them down a flight of stairs is a little bit overwhelming not to mention hard on a woman’s body).; and Richard,  dear, beloved friend who has moved so many times and has the best understanding of what is going on.    Everyone is scheduled for Wednesday.  Little plumber boy and internet guy in the morning; Richard and Costo in the afternoon.  I have asked for their time and explained what I needed help with. 


So Wednesday arrives,  Valerio, ‘little plumber boy’ arrives. (Come they told me, par rump pa pump pum!  I am delighted!  I have defended him to more than one doubter that he would show up)    He starts on installing the light fixtures.   Back in January, during the above mentioned  conversation with Marie-Claude and while she was  present, ‘little plumber boy’ said ‘oh, just call me when you are ready to put up light fixtures   and move the appliances.’   Well, after waiting for over a week to get the electricity turned on because Costo would not believe me that he needed to flip a breaker at the secret location of the meters, then we had to wait another 4 days for Valerio to come on Wednesday.  And I contacted him two times beforehand and explained BOTH TIMES that we were going to install the light fixtures and move the appliances.   Valerio is happily installing fixtures when Costo arrives and announces that he will not be able to help Richard and me that afternoon because the roof guys have come.  And he has to be with them.  I am more than a bit upset because I really don’t feel that I can move the pieces that are left with just Richard’s help.  Richard needs Costo to help him, not me.   But then I am close to tears, when a few minutes later, Valerio announces that he can only put up the light fixtures today.  I will have to get the appliances moved and he will come back to install them.  Funny, how this bit of info was not announced until Costo came and revealed his plans. 



All that was written more than 2 weeks ago.  I can now write a little more with a bit of perspective.   Richard, dear sweet Richard did not flake out on me.  But I did have to go pick him up.  So after a nice lunch at Menchetti, (I had a beer)  Ben and I drove up to get him.  I suggested that we also bring along  his hand truck.  Explaining that it would just be he and I moving  things and that the hand truck would make it easier.  On the way down, Richard started talking about moving refrigerators and how after they were moved you were supposed to wait 24 hours before starting them.  Ben and I laughed over that.  And I said that was not going to happen today. 

So we arrive.  Five minutes later,  Costo is here to apologize to   Richard  for not being able to help.   (Ohhhh, does Costo  feel bad or does he remember what good friends Richard is with the owners of the property and he is just covering his ass?)   So Richard and I start.  Using the hand truck or just the two of us carrying things together down the flight of stairs, he and I  manage to get the dishwasher, the washing machine, a small kitchen cabinet, 2 cabinets from the living room, the sofa/bed from the living room, the dining room table, another wooden table, Ben’s desk and my giant wicker chair down and in place.  The fridge?   Well, we surfed it down the stairs on the big piece of foam rubber that is the back of the sofa/bed in the living room.  As we were preparing it for its move, I pointed out that it was directly wired in to an outlet.  No plug.  So once we got it down, we were off on a quick trip to get a plug so that  Richard  could attach it and the wonderful machine that it is could whirl back into action.   And that it did. 

I will not go on and on about the trials of getting the stuffa (pellet stove) attached.  I might save that for another post or just let it simmer quietly in the back of my mind.  But ‘little plumber boy’ is involved and he is on my list.  And it is not the list of folks that I will be making brownies for…. Draw your own conclusions.

But any way, we are moved.  We are eating normal meals.  There is only 1 box left, and it is of pictures and this week I am hanging some of them.  I can almost bend over and pick something up without my body screaming in protest.  Nerone has accepted that he lives here now.  And because I have nothing else to do I am fostering Richard’s chickens while he is away in Sorrento.  All of this has made the last bit of winter speed by and we are rapidly entering Spring.    But, there will be more pictures of the new space.  And more posts about moving.  I just don’t want to forget any minute of the fun.  And for those of you that I send postcards to, they will start again too.  Normal will will return. 


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