Side by side olive oil tasting

Sometimes we (by we, I mean the Expat community) have to invent our own fun.  While I have ideas about fun events, I fail to execute them.   Fortunately, our expat community has folks who will think of something, organize it and carry it off.   Pamela Shelton Johns is one of those folks.  She, along with others, organized at her house an afternoon gathering one Sunday in February to taste and compare olive oils produced by Expats.  Here’s a few pics from the event.


downstairs early moving 013


downstairs early moving 014


downstairs early moving 010


downstairs early moving 012


My fav from Tania and Keith


downstairs early moving 004


Our friends John and Richard rode along with us.  That’s John standing next to Pamela and the woman in red…


downstairs early moving 009


was visiting from Louisville where I grew up and where….


downstairs early moving 008


Pamela’s husband, Johnny Johns grew up too.  He and I had fun talking about Louisville.


downstairs early moving 015


It was a lovely break from moving and great to meet new folks. 


Pamela is a whoop de doo cookbook author and teaches classes here in Italy and I think in the states sometimes too.  A link to their B&B and to her .  And a link to Tania and Keith’s oil if you want to enjoy some  of this great oil


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