Italian Spring

Quick moving showers that cause


downstairs end of move 003


downstairs end of move 005


priests to move quickly.  I guess even they can’t dodge between the rain drops.


Then rainbows appear


downstairs end of move 010


It is spring here now for sure.  I have seen hummingbird moths and lots of birds.  The fruit trees here in the valley are blooming.  The grass is growing faster than you can imagine.  


Since early December, when we came back from the US, there have been less than 10 nights with temps falling below freezing.  Now it is in the 40s at night and high 60s during the day.  We are still running the heat but only because Ben is cold (he doesn’t move around a lot) and there is too much pollen to have the windows open during the day to let with the warm breezes come in.   


and of course


downstairs end of move 014


a daffodil picture.  This is the bed that we moved the iris from last fall.  And our friend, Thane planted these for me while we were away.   If I can keep the chickens out they will look good next year too. 


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