What else have we done besides move? Part 1

Well, a craft project.


Renata, the woman who moved from down here made a great show (more than one time) of taking me around her half lit/fully shuttered apartment showing me things that she was going to ‘leave for me’.  Some of which included a sofa!  Really could have used that.  A toaster oven, had no desire for that.  The fireplace set, and on and on.  I murmured encouraging phrases to all of these.  Somehow when the great move came (a two parter as you might recall) I received none of these things.  But she did leave behind a  lot of little almost ‘American country’ types of things.  None of which I wanted.  Most of those I packed up and took to my favorite resale place.  And they happily took them. 


I did keep some framed pictures.  So one rainy day, when I was tired of pushing furniture around and unpacking boxes I decided that I would do something fun instead.  And I made this…


last of moving richard's chicks 058


An actual cork board. 


last of moving richard's chicks 063


I have always wanted one of these when I saw them in shops but I would never buy one because I thought they were over priced.  Now I know why, this took over 8 hours to make.  And that does not count wine drinking time!   It is just hard to cut those corks.  I guess if you did it for resale you might have better craft knives but I didn’t.  Anyway it is made, the frame was free, somehow I accumulated corks and the glue cost 6 Euros.  And I am happy with it. 


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