What else have we been doing besides moving, Part 2

I have started reading more and more books on my tablet, getting them from my library in the US.  (I still pay taxes there, thank you very much)  One book  that I just finished was Riding the Iron Rooster by Paul Theroux.  It was about China in the 80’s, before this giant growth and prosperity that the country has experienced.  I visited China in the early 90’s when much of it was still pre-boom.  I think I spent 3 weeks reading this book.  We were moving, I was exhausted, not much time for reading.  The entire time, reading it, I CRAVED Chinese food.  Well, the only good Chinese food that we know of is at least 30 minutes away outside of Siena.  There was no way we were going there.  What Esselunga offers, fresh not frozen egg rolls, already made fried rice was not acceptable.  So as soon as I had a free afternoon I made egg rolls and dumplings.


Using wrappers from Himalaya in Arezzo (the same brand I used to buy in the states) I whipped up a cabbage/carrot filling.


last of moving richard's chicks 012


Had to use sliced green beans instead of bean sprouts, the wrinkled kind of cabbage which I can’t remember the American name for anymore, here it is verza instead of Napa cabbage, carrots, some Chinese rice wine, a little soy. 


last of moving richard's chicks 013


They turned out really well and have taken a place of honor in the freezer.


The dumplings had sausage in them too but were not as much of a success.  Alright, we choked them down and will eat them again but the egg roll skin was too thin to be a dumpling wrapper.  Maybe next time I will make the dough for dumplings from scratch and try them again. 


So we had Asian food, Thai, Chinese, a mix of Thai and Chinese, (I have no boundaries when it comes to Asian food.  I will mix and match throughout the whole meal.) for a whole week.  Now I have calmed down and we are only having it once a week.  I have moved on to Moroccan.  Who knows why?    Not because of what I am reading, recently finished Dearie a biography of Julia Child, (set mostly in America and France) Buddy (How a rooster made me a better family man) by Brian McGory (set in America)  and currently reading The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches, a Flavia De Luce Mystery by Alan Bradley (Set in post-WWII England). So I have no idea where this Moroccan business is coming from.  Thank goodness Ben is happy as long as a plate appears in front of him.


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  1. Mentha

    Looks yummy, it made me remember that I only learned how to cook Ginger beef because I craved Chinese food while living in Siena. Book recommendation for you THE UNLIKELY PILGRIMAGE OF HAROLD FRY, by Rachel Joyce.

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