This Spring’s Guests

Only those who have known me for a while know my educational background.  I was a late bloomer.  I did not get my 4 year degree in business (from Meredith College in Raleigh, NC with a great study abroad program here in Italy)  until I was 40 years old.  After that I went on to get a 2 year degree in hotel and restaurant management (from Northern Virginia Community College) and then went on to get a Master’s level certificate in Event Management (from The George Washington University).  Throughout much of my adult life I spent a good bit on money on tuition and books and fees and all that.   And I did work in the hospitality industry.  I spent my time in kitchens and in an office selling catering and in classrooms teaching catering.



And now I sometimes think of those things, and classes, and money when I walk out the door announcing to Ben,


“I’m going to serve chicken breakfast!”







last of moving richard's chicks 005


Richard’s chickens were over for an extended visit while he was traveling. 



last of moving richard's chicks 028


‘Mean Girl’ over for a visit.  She can’t understand why they can’t come out to play.  We must have been about to leave the property.  They were not allowed out unless Nerone was in the yard to guard them.    ‘Mean Girl’ is the one surviving chicken from the flock of 2 years ago.  She has about 3 inches in height and 5 pounds of weight on Richard’s chicks.  So she picks on them.  Hence the name ‘mean girl’.  Richard’s chicks run over to me for protection when they see her coming.  But after a few pecks just to establish herself she pretty much leaves them alone and is content to roam around with them.   When they are loose.  And she is also content to wander into their pen when she can and eat their food, examine their roost, just make herself at home. 



last of moving richard's chicks 056


One night, Nerone alerted us to the presence of something near the chicken pen.  So from then on I had to secure them every night by lashing a chair to the gate.  They also have a house with a door that they can go in to roost for the night that is secure.  That is where all this egg laying goes on.  There were a lot of eggs.  3 a day!  




last of moving richard's chicks 045



But you know what?  I’d rather have these chickens running towards me demanding breakfast or snacks or protection than dealing with a parent who wants to have a blow-out party for their 13 year old but goodness knows it can’t cost that much!



Richard’s chicks have gone back home.  I hope they had a good time.


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