Reading, reading, reading

I have been taking some time to do that lately.  I feel very fortunate that I have the time and that I made the big leap to using a tablet for reading and that I can get such a great variety of books from my library in the states.


So what have I been reading…


The Foremost Good Fortune by Susan Conley.  The memoir of an American  woman and her family who move to Beijing for work.  Her bout with a serious illness and raising her two boys.  Worth reading if you are interested in living outside the US.


Yes Chef by Marcus Samuelsson.  Of African descent, adopted by a Swedish family, the story of how he learned to cook and became an awarding winning Chef in America.  Also worth reading.


The Sweet Life in Paris by David Leovitz.  Hmmm, lots of good food in here.  Made me want to drive to France.  Definitely worth reading if you are visiting Paris or interested in living outside the US.


The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel by Debborah Moggach.  The book is different enough from the movie to make it an enjoyable read.


And the best book I have read recently….


Radio Shangri-La by Lisa Napoli.  Remember that book Eat, Pray, Love that everyone was goo-goo over a few years ago.  Maybe it is an age thing but I was underwhelmed by it.  Radio Shangri-La is what I thought Eat, Pray would be.  Radio Shangri-La is a good book.  I really enjoyed it.  Here’s a link to her site


villa spring 2014 004


And here’s a Tuscan Spring picture for you to enjoy.


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  1. Mike

    Did you ever pass on your friend’s name to Janet Sass? You know she’s done some NOVA student culinary trips to Italy. She sounds like a perfect teacher!

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