Guest Post by:  Nerone, the dog



tv pictures, april 2014 014


She Who Must Be Obeyed was giving me a hard time…..  She was the one who put the nice, freshly ironed linen pillow cases out.  They smelled so good.  I wasn’t supposed to lay on them?????



villa spring 2014 015


I’ve been outside all day, guarding the property.  It’s time for me to rest. 



tv pictures, april 2014 015


Boh!  I’ll lay where I want.    She’s too busy setting the table and fussing around.


tv pictures, april 2014 018


Boy, it doesn’t look like much food.  But she says they are just having drinks and people are coming.  Richard is coming (I like Richard)  and everyone is  going out.  Man, I hate this time of year.  They are all the time running off to sagras and festas and people’s houses.  You know it finally gets warm enough and stays light a  long time but they start running off places and I have to stay inside.  Maybe I’ll just go throw-up on the bed.  That’ll teach them not to leave me at home.


last of moving richard's chicks 036


Hmmm, this end or that end?????


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