It is that season.  Strawberries are very tasty here.  As good as locally picked ones in America.  In the US, years ago, I used to travel for work.  I would go to Chadbourn, North Carolina, it is near the North and South Carolina border.   Many years before that,  when trains moved a lot of goods, Chadbourn was a growing/packing/distribution point for strawberries.  Very good strawberries are still grown there.  So when I used to travel there every week, I would spread the word the night before (this was so long ago, it was before email.   So I had to use a phone or walk around the neighborhood, dropping in, having a drink, mentioning I would be in Chadbourn tomorrow.  Strawberries?).  The next morning, off to my day of work in Chadbourn.  Work finished, just before leaving,  I would swing by the strawberry market.  Bringing back to Wilmington 5 to 10 flats of strawberries that my neighbors would drop by and greedily pick up.  I drove a step van and the smell of all those berries was so strong and tempting that I would have to close the door between the cargo area and the cab to get the strawberries home without me polishing off a quart of them during the 2 hour ride. 


last of moving richard's chicks 039


I think about those long ago days when I pick up a carton of strawberries in the Esselunga and give a deep long sniff before putting them in my cart.  These are not even the top of the line berries yet they are every bit as good as the ones I used to get from the former ‘Strawberry Capital of the World’.  Hope you have enjoyed some good berries this year too.


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