Our Size 0 Bathroom

It really is small.  It is galley style, long and thin.  The opening through the door into the bath room is 21 inches.  The width of the room is 54 inches.  I can touch both side walls  without  fully extending  my arms.   Do you understand that it is small?


tv pictures, april 2014 006 


The shower is a box made from panels that, thankfully, fold back against the wall when not in use, to make more room.  The box it makes is 2 feet out from the wall and 2.5 feet across.  I can fit in it as long as I don’t try to move.   The panels do not have to be closed in to make a box.  They can be extend in a straight line but lack about 10 inches from reaching the far wall.  It is a whole lot roomier when it is configured that way.    And we would happily buy 2 more sections of panels.  But of course, Renata (the woman who lived here before us) says the owners made this. The owners say Renata made it. So no one knows where the panels for the doors come from.  


In the meantime,


tv pictures, april 2014 003


each time we want to shower I spend about 20 minutes dressing the bathroom walls with shower curtains (isn’t this what serial killers do to avoid having any blood spattered in the bathroom and escape detection?) and then we extend the doors in a straight line as far as they will go,  roll up bathmats to act as dams on the floor and take a shower.   The good things about the shower is 1) that we replaced the shower head.  Now it is one that I can clean to remove the little rocks when they clog up the openings.  2)And the hot water heater is in the bathroom.  Once you get the temperature set you can stand under the water all day long and it never fluctuates.  That is so nice.  No hot/cold/hot/cold.  3)And the faucet is up out of the way.  It is a deliberate act to touch it.  No more bumping into it and changing the temperature of the water.  Now if we can just get additional doors it will be close to being the perfect shower. 


The earth tone color on the walls is a textured paint.  I like the color but over by the sink it appears that someone spilled the greater portion of a bottle of hair dye that splashed on the walls.  The texture prevented a thorough clean up of that spill.  So I have painted.   For the month of May I will focus on the bath, trying to find 2 more panels for the shower and one small just-the-right-size piece of furniture to fit between the toilet and the bidet to keep cleaning supplies in.  Finish painting and maybe by June it will be one room done.    More pictures to follow. 

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