How is the garden looking? Late April, Early May

I think it looks good.


garden, guazzino may 14 037


This is the iris bed that Richard helped me make last fall.  We moved all the iris from a very shaded, crowded bed down to this sunnier spot.  And they have done well here.  First to bloom was the deep blue/purple.  Now in early May there is a 2 toned burgundy tan. 


garden, guazzino may 14 039


Richard gave me some rock which I put on the edge of the bed to keep the mulch from running off in heavy rain.  There is a small ledge that is not part of the bed and then the ground slopes off.  I have put some rosemary and a sage plant on the ledge to help hold the soil.  I would love to have some day lilies  to go into the bank to help hold the soil or some liriope or another type of decorative grass but just have not found them so far.  The iris bed is mulched with pine needles so the weeds are under control there.  But I am afraid that the bank is just a free hold for weeds.  If I don’t keep it neat, Costantino and his weed eater will be visiting. 


garden, guazzino may 14 041 


The view from the other way. 


garden, guazzino may 14 043


And from across the path.  The pansies are finished now.  The smaller pots of them were replaced by the coleus that you see here, patiently waiting.  The ones in the large pots were replaced by the elephant ears. 


garden, guazzino may 14 045


Hanging on the house are pink verbena.  Last year these pots had pink impatiens in them but they were damaged in the storm.  (how good would you look if a tree fell on you?)  After the storm I replaced the impatiens with verbena which was about all that was available.  They did so well that I decided to just start with verbena this year and put the impatiens in pots on the ground. 



garden, guazzino may 14 109


More verbena along with a portulaca is on the other side of the house. 



One of the reasons that I write posts is so that I will remember things and learn from them. 


Lessons learned: 

Use good potting soil or sterilized mix to start elephant ears and others bulbs.  This year, like past years, I had to spray the pots with insecticidal soap after bugs developed and were threatening to take over in the house where I was starting the bulbs. 

Put the pots of elephant ears on the stuffa.  They like that warmth from below and really will start faster.

Use stored plastic cages to protect returning shoots (hosta)  coming out next Spring from chicken scratches. 

Use snail pellets to protect returning shoots.  Cheap snail pellets from di Piu.

Buy blue, blue yellow pansies.  Not red, burgundy, other colors.

Pine bark mulch is called corteccia pino marittimo.  Available from the agri place in MSS that Richard likes.

And that is how the garden looked in early May, 2014.


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