Maggiolata, Part 1, The Floats

Lots of pictures from this event so it will be in several parts.  This was the 77th Maggiolata, held in Lucignano.  It is about 2 weeks long and held from mid to the end of May, every year.  It celebrates Spring and the blooming of a flower that the Lucignanese call maggiolata.  I know it as Scotch Broom.  It is almost forsythia looking but a smaller flower. 


The event features giant floats, covered in flowers that are built by the 4 different neighborhoods in town.  The neighborhoods compete with the winner being picked on the last Sunday.  The theme this year was movies or Hollywood maybe. 


So these are the floats.



maggiolata, b day 019


maggiolata, b day 020


Who Killed Roger Rabbit?  The director, Black-White, which is one of the neighborhoods.  Flowers on the tractor pulling it was a nice touch I thought.


Next up was a float celebrating Hollywood and films in general.


maggiolata, b day 024


The projector lit up.


maggiolata, b day 027


maggiolata, b day 029


The reels turned and moved.


maggiolata, b day 065



maggiolata, b day 040


A nice nod to “Oscar”



maggiolata, b day 043


Charlie Chaplin was on the front, with Liz Taylor as Cleopatra sitting above him.  (you can just see her.  She is holding a bouquet of carnations which they toss to the crowd.) 


maggiolata, b day 068



On the back is Marilyn Monroe and the director.  Marilyn’s skirt would periodically fly up.  (Note the walk of fame with stars embed in it along the side) 


maggiolata, b day 066




Then a salute to westerns or maybe even spaghetti westerns….


maggiolata, b day 073


maggiolata, b day 074


See how tall these are…


maggiolata, b day 075



maggiolata, b day 078


Yes, the man leaning out the window is on the second floor of his house.



maggiolata, b day 127



And the last one, Willy Wonka.



maggiolata, b day 102


maggiolata, b day 103


maggiolata, b day 104



maggiolata, b day 106



I don’t know who won this year.  A lot of work goes into producing these floats.  Don’t you agree? 


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