Maggiolata, Part 3, Men in Tights

What would any event in Italy be without men in tights.   They are the heralds, the banner carriers, the flag throwers, the drummers, those who proceed  the ‘royalty’ of the town. 


maggiolata, b day 047


Note the hand on the hip


maggiolata, b day 049


Whooo, progressive, Lucignano allows a woman in this group.


maggiolata, b day 111


It is a huge honor to be part of the group and something that you start young preparing for.  The young’n in front has that hand on the hip down, doesn’t he?


maggiolata, b day 113



Next, were the great white ox pulling an empty cart with wooden wheels. 


maggiolata, b day 115




maggiolata, b day 117



maggiolata, b day 141


The thing that struck me about the cart was how noisy it was.  The wooden wheels on the stone paving.  How noisy this town must have been when all that went through here was these carts.


maggiolata, b day 135


maggiolata, b day 136


See this older one doesn’t have that hand on the hip thing correct…. Hmmm he needs work before next year.


maggiolata, b day 138


“Turn around son, we’re going this way”


maggiolata, b day 139


“Oh, alright!”



maggiolata, b day 140


What would you have to do to get children this age,  in America, to dress up in costume, walk around town 3 times (about 2 hours worth) holding some girl’s/boy’s hand?


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