David Letterman, graduation and 2 boys

So Ben and I were watching David Letterman the other night.  We never really know when the show was aired in the US unless it was weeks ago and a date appears in the corner of the screen (and the jokes are old)  but I am thinking that this one was probably on sometime the week of June 10.  It was the show with Regis Philbin.  We’ll come back to this…


When my first husband and I bought our first house in Raleigh, NC after a few years a young couple moved in next door.  They had a young son and soon they had another.  We loved those kids.  Saw them almost every day and then we went home to our own nice, calm, quiet house.  We moved to Wilmington, NC.  The folks one house down had two boys.  We loved those guys too.  (Ohhh, one day I will tell you about Nicholas and the bear.  You’ll just have to wait for that.)  So I figured the standard for living in a happy place was to live next door to a house with two boys.  We moved again back to Raleigh.  Next to a house with two girls.  Grown up girls.  Well, things went downhill.  We separated and divorced.  I moved in with Ben.  Ben and I went into exile in Virginia (I consider anytime in the US when not in North Carolina to be in exile).  Eventually we bought a house where the young family next to us (everyone knows that I write about them, Jane and Tony)   had one son and after a year or so (?) another one came along.  I knew then that we were in the right place…living next to a house with two boys.   


And yes, I grew to love those two boys.  I liked watching them grow.  I liked hearing what they were doing.  I liked telling their Mom,  Jane,  ‘Forget driving those two somewhere, have a beer and put them in a taxi.’  But she would never do that.  She is the standard by which I judge all other mothers.  And believe me, from my lofty position of never ever having hatched anything, I can judge.  But enough distraction.  We moved to Italy and those boys grew up!   Jack, the older of the two is at UVA ( I simply did not get to him in time… with the younger one, Christopher, I started as soon as I could whispering in his ear UNC, UNC, UNC).  While Jack excelled at baseball in high school it was not enough to attract college scouts.  That didn’t stop him.  He tried out as a walk on and is now an ACC athlete and the backup catcher.  Hello, they are playing this week in the college world series in Omaha.


Ahh, but Christopher.   Always a hand full.  How many times when he was small I would walk over to chat with Jane and she would say ‘Sorry, I smell, Christopher just threw up on me’.   ‘Oh well, whatever,I brought beer.  Let’s have one’ was pretty much my reply.   I was sorry to move when we did, seven years ago and to leave Jane.  I felt like she was facing tough times and who would be there to offer beer?  Or wine?  


But you know what, she and Tony made it and so did Christopher.  This week, despite over 2 years of dealing with a debilitating illness  (POTS, look it up!)  he is graduating.  Not only is he graduating but he was awarded a FOUR YEAR MERIT SCHOLARSHIP to St Johns University.  FOUR YEAR!   UNC missed their chance.


So now we go back to David Letterman and Regis.  They were talking about how they each got their start in show business.  And together, they both looked right at the camera and said (paraphrasing here) ‘Figure out what you want and then go out there and make it happen.’  That is all the graduation speech that needs to be given.  But those Anzilotti boys, they don’t need that.  They have already done it.  I am so proud of them both.  But especially Christopher.  He will be a bright, sparky star with his great wry sense of humor.  A few years from now, look out world, he’s comin’ and he’s gonna change a few things! 


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