Look a partial eclipse…

garden, guazzino may 14 018


garden, guazzino may 14 019



garden, guazzino may 14 022


Yeah, that is the sun being reflected on a wall in our living room.   The sun comes in from the sides of that room and never hits that wall, the front wall of the house,  directly.  So I was very puzzled by how that ball of light was appearing. 


It was the late afternoon sun, coming in all the side windows of the house and being bounced off of something sitting on my dresser in the back room of the house and then projecting itself on the front wall of the house.   In the last picture you can see where, standing in the back room, I have stuck my finger out and blocked part of it.  Fearing that it just might concentrate the beam enough to burn a hole in the wall I moved the object off the dresser. 


Now the balance of light in the house has been restored.  But it was kinda fun to make my own eclipse.  


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