The Garden in Late May

late may 2014 007


It is just starting to fill out.  View from the front door.


late may 2014 017


Found this pot, slightly damaged, hidden in the bushes.  It was just perfect for a ‘hot biscuit’ as my father used to call them.


late may 2014 025


View from the drive.  I am glad that I used weed block fabric and mulch.  It gives the garden a more ‘tidy’ look which is not normally my style but since this is not my property and the owners are nice enough to let me create a garden then it is a small concession to make.  And the mulch cuts way back on watering needs too.


late may 2014 023


These are doing very well and should winter over.  I like the mix of color.  I don’t like that they close up at night.


late may 2014 027



late may 2014 035


And the reason the whole garden was made… to save these allium  from the lawn mower.  They  were in Richard and John’s front yard and without me there to protect them I knew they would be cut down.    More pics of them in another post. 


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