Making Placemats

My friend Dinah has a beautiful round wooden table and grandchildren.  She has been looking for placemats, not square ones but contoured oval placemats, narrower along one edge so that they would fit the curve of the table.  ‘Oh, we can make those!’ I assured her.  So off we went to the only fabric store in Arezzo.  Many times they have remnants from making table clothes for restaurant use.   And this time they did.  Just the right shade of blue and with a delicate pattern.  The pattern was so delicate that I had to put a pin on the ‘right’ side of the fabric so that I won’t get it confused.  I also had to move outside to use the outdoor table to cut the fabric. 




maggiolata, b day 009


After a false start experimenting with a batting in the middle we finally settled on a nice canvas for the middle to add body.



maggiolata, b day 013


The finished product.



mid june 2014 014


I was real happy with the way that they turned out and so was Dinah.  Now we are making a set just out of canvas and perhaps screening or printing the ‘griffo’  symbol of their house on them.  But that won’t happen until fall.  I’m so happy to have a friend who thinks up projects, finances them but lets me do them.   A good match, I think. 


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  1. BK

    Very nice! The shape is fantastic. BK

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