This is our second spring here so I am surprised by the number of plant volunteers that I am finding.  I am surprised because before we came not much ornamental (read flowery summer plants) gardening was done here.  I am guessing that I am responsible for most of these volunteers. 


garden, guazzino may 14 122



garden, guazzino may 14 123


There are several of these lobelias underneath where there was window box last spring. 


late may 2014 005


Unfortunately when I went to move one to transplant it, the plant snapped off at the root.  But after a few days in water new roots grew again.



late may 2014 040


This little viola probably came from the ones that were in the planter that you can see in the upper right corner


late may 2014 042


This pansy must have come from one of the pots of them from this past spring





late may 2014 045


And this brave soul in the middle of the grass.   It is kind of interesting to think about the dispersal of seeds and how resilient they are.  Recently, I was reading an essay about ‘Reversal’ by Germaine Greer in the May issue of Smithsonian magazine when I came across this paragraph. 


Field flowers no longer grow amid the crops in England’s fields, but once the backhoes are withdrawn

from roadworks, poppies spring from the disturbed ground.  The seed they have grown from blew off

the fields maybe a generation ago, and has lain in the soil ever since, waiting for someone or something

to break the sod.  Year on year the poppies keep turning up, every time bringing  their promise of resurrection.



Only in the case of the viola by the tree stump was the ground disturbed.  Maybe after a few more springs I won’t even need to buy plants… just wait for them to pop up. 


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