Italian Refrigerators

One of the reasons I write a blog is to help folks who live in the US to understand that there is a great, big, different world beyond the borders that they know.  And one of those differences is refrigerators.  We were spoiled in the first house that we rented since it had a ‘big’, by Italian standards, fridge.  I knew when we changed apartments that it would be an adjustment. 




new fridge june 2014 016


This is the fridge that we had in the upstairs apartment. It moved down here with us since there was no fridge down here.  Many folks in Italy shop for food every day or several times a week. In the years since we have been in Italy we have seen that start to change.   This fridge is a holdover from that time. Also it is small because of the cost of electricity.  Italy has the second highest rates in Europe I think.       I am 5’2’’.  I am taller than the fridge.  I could have been happier with it if there had been more shelves on the door.  Americans do love condiments.   And we do have a number of them.  Before opening another condiment bottle I would have to carefully consider ‘where, oh where’ was another open bottle going to go? 


new fridge june 2014 018


The other thing this fridge lacked was the piece of glass that covered the produce drawer on the bottom.  So I was able to keep a lot of bottles in there with produce stacked on top.  But that meant that I spent a lot of time sitting on the floor with the door of the fridge open, taking half of the produce out, looking for a jar of this or that, and then putting the produce back in and repeating that process when it was time to put the jar of this or that back.   This fridge is in our living room because it had to move to make way for….



new fridge june 2014 019


Our new giant fridge!  We could have kept the one we moved down and the owners would have bought another one for up stairs very similar in size to the small one or we could buy one.  


new fridge june 2014 029




Ben and I had been tracking fridge prices since December.   I was really tried of the weekly game of trying to get all the food packed away after shopping, sitting on the floor trying to find something, and having to say no when Ben wanted to buy something that was frozen.   So we watched prices, decided on which features were most important, fresh food on top, freezer on the bottom, A++ electricity usage rating, frost free and of course price.   Even though, every month since we have moved, we have spent most of our disposable income buying furniture for our ‘furnished’ apartment or buying some bit or piece to fix something up so it is just a little more comfortable to use, we decided to go ahead and spend a big chunk of change on buying a fridge.   And it helped that the store we would be buying from was having a big sale from mid-June to early July. 


new fridge june 2014 031


Instead of the usual 4 or 5 on sale there must have been 20 or 30 on sale.  We studied the ad again and had decided on the Whirlpool (far left, center row).   After our much used VISA card closed its billing cycle for June, Ben and I went to the store.    Of course there were no more Whirlpools left.  But back in the scratch and dent room was a Bosch.  Ohhhhhh, it was love at first sight.  Even though that big Bosch had been beat up a bit it was almost everything we wanted.  All that was missing was frost free.  And the price…. less than the Whirlpool and bigger too.  Well the salesman tried to talk me out of it.  Pointing out every dent.  But it had spoken to me. 


new fridge june 2014 020 


Just look at those shelves on the door.  And the produce drawer with a glass top that works as a shelf too. 


new fridge june 2014 022


And the freezer!  The center drawer alone was bigger than the whole freezer that we had before and there are two more drawers!  Look!  We have ice cream and the type of bread that Ben likes.  Not one or the other. 


new fridge june 2014 023


And it is taller than I am!   Fridge Love!  What a rush! 



  1. Jane Mirko

    Ohh, it’s the basic things of life that make us happy. Blessings on your new fridge!

  2. BK

    Did you ever think you’d fall in love with a fridge? I’m so happy for you-this one is fantastic!

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