Cut Steak in Agazzi

Ben's b day 2014 001


This has always been one of our favorites to go to.  The first year that we went, we were seated in an airless courtyard under a hot sun.  Not pleasant but the food was good.  While there, we saw folks sitting on a rooftop terrace enjoying the same meal.  It turns out that you have to reserve for a terrace table so for the next few years we did.  Assorted folks and guests would join us and we all had a big time there for a number of years.  One of the organizers took us under his wing and would take our guests on tours of the ‘workings’ of the festa.  Proudly showing off the Americans.  We were always treated well. 


This year, for whatever reason, instead of being 10 days spread over 2 weeks it was only one weekend.  And they had added duck, done in the style of porchetta ( a way of doing a roasted pig with a lot of herbs).  Not much advertising either.  We tried to get a crowd together for a table on the rooftop terrace but no one could make it.  So since it was just the two of us, we decided we would take our chances and just sit in the courtyard again.


So we went.  Arriving early to get a parking space and to be able to enjoy a beer.  We saw our organizer friend.  “ I did not see your name on the reservation list.  There is room.  Do you want to be seated upstairs?”   The operative word is stairs.  It is a fairly steep flight of stairs and without any of our friends there I was reluctant to try to get Ben up and down.  No, I told our friend , we will just sit down here.  He wished ‘Bon Appetito’ and was off.  There was a threat of rain so meal service had been moved into the auditorium.  Oh MY, another meal in a hot, airless, noisy room.  Fortunately, it was not a hot evening and  we were seated in one of the few places where there was actually air movement.   (Italians are notorious for their fear of any breeze, many times closing windows on buses, no matter how hot for fear of catching ‘l’aria’)  And it was so quiet in there.  Really, seriously, normally these are loud, noisy, boisterous events.  Not this one.  And….


Ben's b day 2014 003


Look at this bread basket!  Bread made with whole grains and salt!!!!!!  Oh what is the Tuscan world coming to?  A festa where you could speak in a normal tone of voice instead of yelling and whole grain bread? 


Ben's b day 2014 004


A grain mill was one of the sponsors of the event, so wisely they managed to get some whole grains on the table.


Ben's b day 2014 002


The antipasta was normal and good.  Look at the panzanella!  No whole grains in that.


Ben's b day 2014 005


And the steak was excellent!  I get the one topped with arugula, Ben gets the one topped with mushrooms.  We took home our leftovers for a hot steak salad  a few days later.  All in all a subdued but fun event. 


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