Summer Camp at Auntie Martha’s Holiday Hen House

Guest Post by:  Miss Adventure (A nome de plume) 



Such a busy summer my sisters and I have had.  We are Richard’s chickens.  Usually, we lead a dull life on top of the mountain but since there was so much work going on up there he booked us in for a month long stay at Auntie Martha’s Holiday Hen House.  It is down in the valley on a BIG estate.  Most times we get to run around while the good dog Nerone watches after us.  He keeps us safe.  After spending the day exploring, we come back and Auntie Martha makes us cocktails while we have appetizers.  Then she makes us a nice dinner.  Then  we have a cozy cottage to stay in.   The next morning we do it all again.  But if Auntie Martha doesn’t get up as early as we think she should, we wail and run our beaks across the wire door like prisoners  banging their  tin cups on the jail bars.  Since we are right under her bedroom window that usually gets her moving. 


I figured out that once she lets us out on to our private terrace if I want to go exploring on my own all I have to do is jump.



lobster, july 2014 009


See here I am on the top of the gate.


lobster, july 2014 011


Look there are my sisters still on the ground.  They are just jealous that I can do this and they can’t!


lobster, july 2014 008


“Charlotte!  Stop shaking the gate!”



lobster, july 2014 013


Well, I guess that I am out now.  Oh well, off to explore.  Auntie Martha will let me back in  at cocktail time.


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