The new look of the kitchen

I feel like I have been working on this kitchen for months.  The arrival of the new fridge necessitated a lot of moving.  So I decided that while all that was going on I might as well  try to improve the existing cabinets. 

kitchen, plaster at covivole 008


This is the old stone sink that came with the place.  The washing machine drains below it and wash water backs up into it.  It can’t be completely covered and it is not really the sink that I want to use since the faucet looks like if you move it it will break off.  To keep it from being totally wasted space I found a piece of wood that would partially cover the opening thus giving me more counter space.  I wanted to paint the doors below to match. 


kitchen, plaster at covivole 007


This cabinet which moved from upstairs was also in need of some paint. 


kitchen, plaster at covivole 006


I had previously painted the top but never got around to putting some polyurethane on it, instead, covering it in plastic so that I could wipe it clean.  When I lifted the plastic, it also lifted some of the paint.  So this top needed to be repainted. 


The owners of the property like to keep things looking exactly as they were so if I wanted something cleaner looking my only option would be to slip cover the cabinets. 


Here is how the old sink looks


kitchen july 2014 005


I screwed on panels and painted them.  So when we leave the fresh new looking panels can be removed and the brown ones will only have a few screw holes in them. 


I went out on a limb and painted the top of this cabinet again.  This time putting on some polyurethane so it is an easily wipe-able surface. 


kitchen july 2014 004


The new look for the door is a detachable panel also.  Now this side of the kitchen looks more like


kitchen july 2014 003




a distant cousin of this side.  With the



kitchen july 2014 002


relative that they share in between. 



While I am happy with the fridge, where it ended up screwed up all the painting that I had done.


kitchen july 2014 001


And it blocks the door that I wanted to be able to use.  But no one could find a key to the door.  I was bright enough to stick some foam insulation panels on the door before putting the fridge in place.  I am hoping that will help this winter.


All in all it is not the romantic Italian kitchen that everyone would like to have but it is very workable.   And far too cluttered for many folks’ liking but not mine.  I like having pots and utensils out where I can see them and reach them and not have to move 3 other things to get 1.  



kitchen july 2014 006


So to paraphrase the long ago newscaster ‘That’s my kitchen and I’m sticking to it.’


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