Mona Lives Again

An acquaintance  from the greater world of blogs, Dianne Hales, is publishing a new book about Mona Lisa’s life.


You might know Dianne from her blog  and one of her other books, La Bella Lingua. 


When I think of Dianne and my cousin Jeanie, I feel like such a fraud.  Both of them have studied and really learned Italian.  Given the right set of circumstances, I am sure both of them would love to live/spend more time than a couple weeks in Italy every year.  Yet, here I am, in Italy all the time, and I still speak like a recent immigrant.   But I do try.


Anyway you might like this post about Mona Lisa’s connection to our area.



lobster, july 2014 014


And I will end with just the faintest of rainbows.


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