Thinking of my cousins

My Uncle John and Aunt Theresa opened a sub/pizza shop, Voltacos, in Ocean City, NJ in the early 1950s.   My brother and I were the two cousins who did not grow up in Ocean City.  Most of  the rest of the cousins had a turn working  at Voltacos in the summer.  My brother and I only got to visit and enjoy a sub every year or two.   My brother and I really miss those subs.  So much so that when we both had money and I would visit Ocean City, he would pay for me to send him subs by overnight delivery service.  I still miss those subs.


oc and qm2 089 


Some of you might remember this picture of me on the Queen Mary 2 as we came across with a Voltacos sub. 


Well every summer, when good tomatoes arrive, I make subs.


kitchen, plaster at covivole 018 




kitchen, plaster at covivole 020


While it is easy to get the cold cuts and cheese I have to bring a jar of chopped hot peppers from the US.  I am not saying that a sandwich like this doesn’t exist anywhere in Italy but…. I’ve never seen one. 


So I enjoyed my sub, thought of my cousins.  Thought of them all working hard this summer.  And wish that one day they can all manage a visit.


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