A Flurry of Posts

I use a software program called Windows Live Writer to write my posts on my computer at my leisure, inserting pictures from my computer into the post and then when I am ready publishing it to my blog.  I usually write several at a time, maintaining a backlog.   That is why many times, posts are published weeks after something happens. 


There are other ways to do this same thing.   Many folks sit down each day, go online to their blog, write a post, hit the button and publish it.  I don’t like that way, because I have to write when I feel like writing, not every day, certainly not at the same time each day…horrors!  I also don’t like the whole process of storing my photos online and grabbing them from somewhere to insert in a post.  I guess the years of having a poor internet connection shaped the way I like to do things. 


My laptop is 7 years old now.  It is slow and cranky.  Yesterday and today I have worked on deleting as much as I can.  I backed it up.  I defragmented my disk.  And finally I have gained a bit of space on my hard drive which really helps it move a  little faster.  All this is in preparation for making a change to my blog.  Sometime in the last few weeks I published my 1500th post.  Whoooo hooo! This fall,  I will have been writing this blog for 6 years.  It has pretty much looked the same the entire time.  In those six years smart phones and tablets came along.  With the template that I use my blog doesn’t always look the best on a small screen.  So I felt like it was time to make a change to the  template or look of the blog.  I am not entirely sure that Windows Live Writer will be compatible with the new template that I have chosen.  Ergo the flurry of posts.  I wanted to publish my backlog, change my template and start fresh with the new look.  So now, my laptop is speedy fast (HA!); the backlog is published below; I will make the change to the new template; write about what we have been doing and premier my ‘new look’.    I have no time line for this.  It could be easy or frustratingly maddening.  But most things with WordPress (the service I use to publish my blog) are fairly easy.  So I am optimistic. 


And now, you, have something to look forward to. 


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