Making Lamps

I had been watching these lanterns at OBI (home improvement store) waiting for them to go on sale.  Finally, they were reduced to 5 Euros each, down from 15 each,  so I snapped up 4 of them.


new fridge june 2014 004



new fridge june 2014 007


With Richard’s help and 10 Euros worth of bits, we made them into lamps for the kitchen.  The kitchen has one overhead light that is part of the ceiling fan.  (the under counter lights that are part of the fancy range hood don’t work.  If they did, the light that came out from them wasn’t at all useful, shining on the ridged counter top of the sink, so any pots or pans that were lying there  could read a magazine while drying.)


So here are 2 of them.


kitchen july 2014 005


See it in the upper right.  It will shine on the counters below that I use every day.


And this one


kitchen july 2014 007



which can move from here to


kitchen july 2014 008


to here to



kitchen july 2014 009


here.  So now I will have enough light to wash dishes at night.  What a concept!  


The third one is sitting on a shelf by the fridge to brighten up that corner.  The fourth one did not get wired so it can remain as a candle fixture where ever we need it. 


I have not used these three yet because it stays light so late here in the summer.  But it will be one of those good things that I am happy to have next winter.  Maybe if the pots and pans are nice I’ll leave the light over here so that they  can continue to read while drying.  (tee hee)


Thanks Richard for helping me.


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