Let’s see how this looks


Well it seems that the version of  MS Live Writer that I am using will support the new theme that I have picked out….

This is a test run


spring and maria starting school


Here is Ben’s daughter and grand daughter on the first day of school in New Orleans last week.


mid august 2014 001


Ohhh look how big I can make the pics


mid august 2014 044


And I can do a little rotating too.


Can I change fonts too?


I guess we will see….

Okay, I have tinkered with adding/deleting  a few links in the sidebar and cleaning it up a bit.  I don’t like the spacing at the top in the header but I think I have taxed my poor laptop enough for the day so this is all the changes I will make for now.


Let me know what you think.



1 Comment

  1. Fabrizia

    nice layout

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