It is a play on the name of the Italian holiday in August, Ferragosto, (a religious holiday that has to do with the Assumption.  Look it up online if you want to know what it is), America and hamburger.  Billing itself as a unique hamburger festival in the American style, we decided to get a big group together and go over to Castiglion Fiorentino and see what it was all about. 

mid august 2014 045 

And it really was just hamburgers.  This plate was 15 Euros for a hamburger, good French Fries, a glass of beer and a chocolate muffin.  There were variations on hamburgers and a vegetarian ‘burger’ option.  That was it.  Limited menu, everything as a meal, nothing a la carte except beverages and other deserts. 

We  were a big group.  Filling a large square table in a wonderful park just outside the walls of the city.

mid august 2014 047

Ben was there next to me.

mid august 2014 049

Gian Carlo, Grace and George.

mid august 2014 050

Grace, Jules, George, Margaret and Howard.  Notice the squash.  That yellow squash really gets around huh?

mid august 2014 051

Margaret, Howard and Richard with Tania and Keith’s guests beside Richard. 

mid august 2014 052

John, Keith and Tania.  John and Richard were kind enough to drive so that I could enjoy more than one beer.  It was a fun evening. 

mid august 2014 044


And I was finally able to get the picture that I have been trying to get for years… the setting sun turns the stones of this bell tower a beautiful rosy color.   Yes, that is what we are doing here in Tuscany. 



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  1. BK

    Good looking hamburger and fantastic photo of the tower. Congratulations!

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