A Mess of Squash


I don’t know why I  keep thinking and saying ‘mesh of squash’.  But I have managed to get a few from the plants that I am growing. 



mid august 2014 035


mid august 2014 030

Along with a lot of tomatoes.  But as proud as I was of mine they were nothing compared to what Tania and Keith shared with me. 

mid august 2014 054


They had missed picking a few.  All together this was more than 5 pounds of yellow squash.  The smaller ones, along with a few from my garden became

mid august 2014 058

this big pan full of sautéed squash and onions  that we ate for lunch 2 days along with some fried chicken. (There were sliced tomatoes, corn on the cob, cucumbers and sweet tea too.  I can pull out the ‘Southern’ gene when I need to)  There was enough sautéed squash leftover to freeze, so that in some awful month, like January, we can enjoy it again. 

end of august 2014 024

On another day, using the three big squash, I grated the necks and made 1 batch of squash fritters (it’s that Southern thing again) and then froze the rest.  Glad I have a cast iron skillet.


end of august 2014 022

I added some squash blossoms in the batter to further ‘squash’ it up. 

Some of the  remaining big bodies were cut up, blanched and frozen for winter soups.  Four of the bodies were made in to ‘boats’ and stuffed with meatloaf, then frozen.   So from Tania and Keith’s generous gift we got a lot of meals.  Hmmmm, nothin’ like a mess of yellaw squash!




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  1. Michael

    Martha…would you mind emailing me your squash fritter recipe(s) if you get a chance.

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