Fabric Binge


Ohhh, I admit it.  I am a closet fabric hoarder.  I gave away a huge amount before we moved here.  And if fabric stores were easier to find or if the giant one that I know of outside of Florence would sell retail as well as wholesale I would have a lot more fabric here.  Fortunately those ‘ifs’ probably won’t change.  So I restrict my visits to the one fabric store in Arezzo and try to just buy fabric when I have a project in mind. 


mid august 2014 032

So I went in looking for a piece to use in the kitchen and got the one on the far left.  But then the one in the middle with the circles was nice and heavy and was screaming at me that it would be good for making window ‘quilts’ for winter.  And of course how could I turn down the blue remnants.  I could make summer tops out of those.  The paisley, well it was just so pretty. 

mid august 2014 033


Hmmm, blue and white cotton.  Who could refuse?  My fabric haul was 35 Euros.  Of course I did not use the piece that I went into the store for, finding an alternate choice that I hauled back from the US in my small stash here.  I am still pondering how I am going to construct and hang the window quilts.  I did make 2 blue and white tops and have one left to make.  But that paisley is still just sitting around looking pretty.  Don’t know what I’ll do with it…


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  1. BK

    Oh, the fun of buying fabric! Glad you do have one store close.

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