I used to be a tree…


Guest Post: By Ima Birch

end of august 2014 054


end of august 2014 053

and suddenly I became a pencil post, riding around in someone’s car.

early september 2014 014

Then drilled and cut and screwed together.

early september 2014 019

Some nice man named Richard came to help put me together.

early september 2014 022

And the cute man at the plumbing supply place who likes to practice his English cut some pipe into rods.

early september 2014 032


early september 2014 034


early september 2014 064


early september 2014 035


And a closet was born.  I think I liked being a tree better but I could have ended up being a fence post or outside in the weather so I guess being part of a closet is okay.  And these folks got a closet for  100 Euros. 


Martha writing now:


I had been haunting second hand stores and drawing plans for months for something to act as a closet. 

late may 2014 050 


There was this piece.  Absolutely gorgeous but HUGE.  It would have taken up an entire wall in either my office or Ben’s.  Too big for our bedroom. 

late may 2014 052 

There were pieces like this, less expensive, more utilitarian but still 400, 500 Euros.  I really don’t want to spend a lot of money buying furniture for our ‘furnished’ apartment so I kept drawing plans. 


late sept, 2014 055


They looked like this and when I started pricing conventional lumber to make it, well each piece would have been 15 to 20 Euros a piece. It could have cost 180 to 240 Euros for just the lumber. I looked around for optional sources.  In the US I had made our headboard out of bamboo.  Why couldn’t I find something like that here?  Nosing around enough garden centers I found the pencil posts for only 2.50 Euros each.  15 pencil posts were only 37.50, the screws, rods and fabric brought the cost up to 100 Euros.  A pretty good solution.   And the fabric is much prettier than it photographs. 



  1. Michael

    I’m going to throw out a criticism…something my mother might have told me privately but not directly to you. Of the two pictures…the one without the cover, just clothes…and the one with the cloth cover…I like the uncovered much better. Wood itself can be beautiful and interesting and your idea of turning the tree into a closet is great…so why drape something over it all!!

  2. Michael I totally agree with you. I would have preferred to have seen more wood too. Unfortunately, we have 2 windows in that room that are at least partially open for 6 months of the year. We live in a farming area and someone is always plowing or zipping up and down the nearby gravel road and drives so there is a lot of dust. The curtains protect the clothes from that and from the very strong sun that comes in the windows for 6 hours or so a day. I do have more fabric, which really is very striking, and I do plan to make curtains out of it for the two windows. When that is done the room will be fairly well tied together with the leaf frond pattern repeated in the fabric, our ceiling fan and the lights beside the bed. You’ll just have to come and see….

  3. BK McCloud

    Clever! BK

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