I like this time of year


because food from one season overlaps with the other. 


early september 2014 024

We still have really good melon and figs but…


early september 2014 030

kale has started too.  We have also had some great asparagus and strawberries both of which were NOT FLOWN in from South America or Africa but were from northern Italy. 

early september 2014 028

So I’ll take this chance to scribble something about the weather.  Summer was not that hot.  Maybe a total of 20 days when the temperature reached 90 degrees.  It rained about every 10 to 15 days.  That is a good bit of rain for summer time here.  Normally there is a stretch of 30 to 45 days of no rain at all.  And the rain continues to fall.  Just this past week (Oct. 9) Genoa and maybe the Cinque Terra were hit by heavy, fast rain that caused flash flooding.  People died and a number have lost their houses. 

Otherwise I have been wearing a sweatshirt when I walk the dog in the morning since the first of September.  We are sleeping with only one window partially open.  There is a lot of pollen that is bothering both Ben and I but the rains wash it out and that helps.  And that’s about it for the weather report.

early september 2014 009

A sunset sky.


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