Plant of the Year


It is very hard for me to choose.  I had so many good ones this year.


end of august 2014 035

These airplane plants were started from one that picked up in Nice in the spring of 2013.  When I moved them out this spring I almost killed them by not hardening them off and exposing them to too much sun.  (Note to self:  in the spring gradually move these plants out.  They don’t like cold or direct sun.)  Anyway these plants should definitely get the ‘come back plant of the year’ award.   


end of august 2014 032

These have also made a comeback after being devastated by chickens.  Richard’s group of chickens loves the blossoms and eats them.  They were pretty well stripped of blooms a few weeks ago.   Since this picture was taken one of the other flocks of chicks that roam the property devastated them again.  They pulled all the blossoms off but spit them out!  Slowly they have come back yet again. 


late sept, 2014 033


early september 2014 016


Just down from the impatiens is this pot of 3 coleus.  It still looks really good.  The ones at the front in other pots started to get scraggily so I pulled them out and replaced them with pansies and a lettuce plant.  

early september 2014 017

This portulaca was a real star too.  Just blooming every sunny day. 


early september 2014 059

And I like this pot with a number of volunteers;  it is a real mish mash of colours. 


All in all I had a pretty garden this year, thanks to my friend Jules who brought me a box of Miracle-Gro from Great Britain. 

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