late sept, 2014 002

Currently there are three flocks on the property.  This is ‘the girls’ flock.  These arrived as chicks at the beginning of summer and have grown into this fine group. 

Then there is Lecia’s flock which is headed by ‘mean girl’ (a survivor from the girls’ flock of 2 years ago) (she bosses everyone around and pecks!) and Lecia and Costantino’s 3 chickens that are cousins to Richard’s chickens.  (It is really hard to tell them apart).  And of course, Richard’s chickens who have been having an extended stay at Auntie Martha’s Holiday Hen House. 


Now you would think with all this property that these 3 flocks could find enough room to roam.  But no!  While Richard’s flock remains in their pen, the other two hang out by our house. In late afternoon, Richard’s flock is allowed out to stretch their legs and I can supervise them.   They tend to really wander off so sometimes they don’t even get to come out.  Because, if we want to leave I have to go in search of them to get them back to the safety of their pen before we leave.  That can take a half an hour to an hour sometimes.  Meanwhile, all day long, Lecia’s flock and the girls’ flock alternate marching up and down from the horse paddock to the olive groves.  Through Nerone’s yard with a side detour through my garden.  (My garden has really suffered.)  It’s like the changing of the guard! 


late sept, 2014 027 

The mulch used to be in the bed not all over the walkway.

late sept, 2014 024


There are naps in the middle of the day at the olive tree by Nerone. 


late sept, 2014 022


Nerone, the good dog, calmly watching over it all. 


I did not complain.  Lecia and Costo decided to relocate both of the flocks that they care for closer to their house.  So now after a few weeks of re-education they are no longer changing the guard all day long.  Instead, coming out only in the late afternoon and staying near that end of the property.  It is a good thing, since a number of unknown folks have taken to walking their dogs on the property.  Sometimes without a leash!  (You can imagine how Nerone feels about that!) 

Richard’s flock is supposed to be leaving.  After that I will finally try to put my garden back together again.  In the meantime let me know if you need some eggs….


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