Happy Halloween!


Guest Post by Nerone, the Dog

Well it has finally gotten cool here and I’m glad. That gave me an excuse to  start sleeping again in the other room on my bed.  And I am finally getting a good night’s sleep.  I love those people of mine, but Man Alive they sure are noisy and get up and down and turn on lights and read and just make all kinds of disturbances.  You know I’m a hard workin’ dog and I need my rest so’s I can guard and watch out for cats.

Those chickens have finally moved away.  Shew!  They were a pushy bunch.  Always drinkin’ out of my water bowl.  And that one rooster.  He’s a biggun!  I’m not messin’ with him.


Some lady and her two boys are movin’ in upstairs.  I told them that we used to live upstairs and I could guarantee that its CAT FREE.  Boy I hope they don’t try slippin’ some cat in here.  That would be just too many.  Eight chickens is enough!  That Richard has got some kitten that he keeps tryin’ to get She Who Must Be Obeyed to take.  Thank Goodness She has more sense that to agree.

She tricked me yesterday.  I thought we was goin’ to see my favorite doctoressa vet but Noooooo it was some creepy guy.  I didn’t like him, but I was polite.  Anyways, he put this thing on me to keep me from bitin’ him.  Skinny little thing.  I would have broken a tooth on him.  I was thinkin’ of wearin’ it for Halloween.

Neornes halloween mask 034


What’ya think?  Scary huh? 


Well I got two shots, and a check up and the fur balls clipped from behind my ears and a mani/pedi.  She was all tickled cause it only cost 65 Euros.  She said it used to cost Siena (ohhh that sainted dog) $65 just to walk in to the vets in Virginia.

I’m thinkin’ about my friend Louie, he had surgery yesterday.  I hope he’s doin’ okay.  She says he belongs to that exclusive club of pets that picked up and move across the world with their people.  Siena (see there she is again, Siena this and Siena that.  REALLY!)  was in that club.  Well!  I belong to a special group too.  Dogs that had to wait to find their forever home.  And I’m happy that I did. 

Gotta go now.  I think I see a cat outside.  Can’t let them get the idea that they can walk around like they own the place. 

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  1. BK McCloud

    You are a special guy! Thanks for taking care of She Who Takes In Chickens and He Who Tolerates Taking In Chickens.

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