A Birthday Party


Dinah’s friend John was in Italy to celebrate his birthday. 


late sept, 2014 020

Here he is in the dark shirt and glasses.


late sept, 2014 006

I have written about Dinah and Allen and their place in Lucignano before.  They owned 4 of the 5 floors in one building and were able to buy the the 5 floors in the building next door and rejoin them together to make one large space that their whole family could use and enjoy.  And a space that they could use and entertain in too.  The public areas downstairs were well planned and make a comfortable, relaxed space for entertaining. 

late sept, 2014 007


late sept, 2014 011


It was just the right size group.


late sept, 2014 013

I found a nice spot outside with two of my favorite men, Ben on the left and John in the center, (my John, not Dinah’s John.  We have to distinguish them)  .


late sept, 2014 019


Inside George had started playing his guitar and singing.  Who knew that those two Irish men, Richard and Allen would know sooooo many Irish songs that they sang acappella since George had not brushed up on those.  That is Richard to the left of Ben.


late sept, 2014 017


late sept, 2014 018


But what is Jules (in the orange) up to while George sings his heart out?


All in all it was a lovely evening.  I think John, the birthday boy chose wisely for his birthday plans.  


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