Random Pictures


Oh my, it’s like I just disappear isn’t it?  Sorry.  Don’t know what happened to November, except it feels like it has rained or been foggy for about 20 days now.  Makes it really hard to get laundry dry.  Today, Sunday, I am hanging out laundry that I did on Wednesday night, hoping that it will finally get dry.  Our living room has laundry hanging on racks all over it.  While it may not be that cold here in the winter, it is damp and grey and foggy sometimes.  And one of the challenges of winter can be getting laundry dry. 

Moving on from laundry and the weather.  Our former neighbor, Ida and her two boys, who lived on the farm next to us when we lived in John and Richard’s house has moved in to our old apartment upstairs.  Ida has been separated from her husband, Luciano, for a while now and needed to move again.  So Richard suggested upstairs.  Ben and I are  more than happy to have her and the boys upstairs.  Could be the new ‘Jane’.  I have not tested her wine consumption yet… so we’ll see.

Ida was so busy fixing up and all, that it motivated me to get on with a few projects which I am sure to be posting about soon.  And of course a garden update is needed.  So a few posts to look forward to. But until then some random pictures from September and October.

I could stretch these out and make a blog post about each one or I can lump them together. 


early september 2014 044


Antipasta platter from a sagra


late sept, 2014 028

Seating assignments from a wedding here on the property. 


late sept, 2014 029


Think it might have been a local couple with ties to one of the many orchards around here?


late sept, 2014 032


Leftovers from trimming the pencil posts that I used to make my armoire.  I like them as ‘skyscraper tops’ but I could also make them into garden gnomes….


late sept, 2014 056

At one of the fruit and veg stores that I go in to.

late sept, 2014 057

I think this only bloomed because it is in a planter and managed not to get rained on all summer.

late sept, 2014 058


Who wouldn’t want a dolphin bouncing a ball in their yard?



  1. Great post with interesting content
    Can’t wait for more!
    Best wishes, R


  2. Sherrie gentry

    Nice pics and posts..I’d love to see a pict of your armoire. .hi to Benjamino!!

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