I didn’t get around to posting this on Veterans’ Day because that was the day that we went to the WWII cemetery  that is near Foiano. 

iris november 2014 034


iris november 2014 035


iris november 2014 036


iris november 2014 037


iris november 2014 038


iris november 2014 039


iris november 2014 040


iris november 2014 043


It is well maintained by the British government.  I feel that since I am unable to make it to Arlington where my parents (my father being a WWII and other conflicts vet) are buried I can at least drive 10 minutes down the road from our house to remember these folks whose relatives can’t make it here. 

And I am thankful everyday for the decisions, bravery and sacrifices made by; my mother’s relatives, fleeing religious persecution in England, to help settle  Kentucky; and my father’s parents who left Italy to find a better life in America; and by my parents and Ben’s parents’ generation who served their country in WWII.  The actions of my ancestors gave me the freedom and choices that I have made and the life that I can enjoy in Italy.  So when Ben and I sit down tomorrow to enjoy turkey, we will raise a glass of good Italian wine and honor all those folks. 



  1. Mary Adomaitis

    Thank You…….

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  2. Jane Mirko

    Well said.

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