Work on the bathroom continues…


In the early summer I started trying to find a tall thin cabinet to put in our bathroom to hold cleaning supplies and such.  No luck finding anything that was the right size.  In September when we got the new armoire in the bedroom (see another post about that), part of which went in the living room, that freed up the 4 plain wooden boxes that used to hold up the tv.  The wooden boxes were just the right size to hold all the bathroom paraphernalia. 

Neornes halloween mask 001


Neornes halloween mask 002


They were a little plain and I wanted doors.


Neornes halloween mask 029

Lots of paint and decoupaging and this is what I ended up with. 



Neornes halloween mask 031

The folks at the DYI store cut the wood for me to make doors and an extra  shelf for the top one.  Fits just perfect.


Neornes halloween mask 032

And looks much better.  I have since added a piece of fabric to hide the ugly connections of the hot water heater and one of the many plants that is wintering over in the house rests on top.  Now if we can just get all the plumbing in the bathroom to function as it is supposed to, then I will be ready to declare the bathroom finished.  Gosh, that didn’t take long did it….


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  1. BK McCloud

    Your creativity and wood working skills always amaze me.

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